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Photo of Allison Hansen

Allison Hansen

Program: Ph.D.
Major Professor: Timothy Paine
E-Mail: allison.hansen@email.ucr.edu
Location: 241 Ent
Phone (office): (951) 827-4488
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  • B.S. Forestry University of Montana, Missoula 2003
  • M.S. Forestry University of Montana, Missoula 2005

Research Focus

Insect-microbe symbioses; Conducts research on the symbiotic relationships between psyllids and their symbionts, and how symbionts modulate interactions between the psyllid's host plants and natural enemies.

Selected Publications

Hansen, A. K., Trumble, J.T., Stouthamer, R. and T.D. Paine.  2008. New Huanglongbing (HLB) Candidatus species,"C. Liberibacter psyllaurous", found to infect tomato and potato is vectored by the psyllid Bactericerca cockerelli (Sulc). Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Vol. 74, No. 18: 5862-5865.

Hansen, A.K., Jeong, G., Paine, T.D., and R. Stouthamer. 2007. Frequency of secondary symbiont infection in an invasive psyllid relates to parasitism pressure on a geographic scale in California. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Vol. 73, No. 23: 7531-7535.

Mc Donnell, R.J., Hansen, A.., Paine, T.D. and Gormally, M.J. 2008. A record of the invasive slug, Veronicella cubensis (Pfeiffer, 1840) in California. The Veliger. Vol. 50, No. 2: 81-82.

Darcy A. Reed, Katharine A. Luhring, Candice A. Stafford, Allison K. Hansen, Jocelyn G. Millar, Lawrence M. Hanks, and Timothy D. Paine. 2007. Host Defensive Response Against an Egg Parasitoid Involves Cellular Encapsulation and Melanization. Biological Control. 41214-41222.

Hansen, A.H. 2005. Effects of spotted knapweed invasion and restoration treatments on ground beetle diversity, abundance, and distribution in rocky mountain savannas. Masters thesis.  University of Montana, Missoula. 102pp.

Hansen, A.H., Six, D.L., Ortega, Y.K. (In prep) Functional group shift and homogenization of ground beetle (Coleoptera Carabidae) assemblages in Rocky Mountain savannas invaded by an exotic forb, spotted knapweed.

D.L. Six. and A.K. Hansen. (In prep) Pathogenicity of Beauveria bassiana on adult Dendroctonus ponderosae and their natural enemies in the families Cleridae and Ostomidae in the field and laboratory.

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